Reaching excellence in the field of distributed energy systems


The dedicated team of IMP-PAN is composed of researchers with different backgrounds and expertise in the field of energy production and storage, cogeneration and poly-generation, varying RES technologies, data acquisition and analysis, modelling and automation of complex systems, and heat transfer and environmental protection. IMP-PAN also has wide experience in the fields of innovative technologies for bioenergy and energy production for distributed systems, and currently is starting its research programme on energy management and integration systems. SUPREME is coordinated by IMP-PAN‘s Department of Distributed Energy, which consists currently of 18 researchers and is located within the main laboratories in Gdańsk and in the new advanced Research Centre dedicated to renewable technologies and distributed generation in Jabłonna.

The new Research Centre in Jabłonna is a key component of Poland’s investment in the field, and will provide the ideal research base and context for SUPREME. On one hand the Centre provide the space for research work (to be carried out in different laboratories), while on the other hand the complex of buildings itself can be treated as the LIVING LABORATORY, where the challenge (and the actual test case under consideration) is to supply it in locally available renewable energy in most efficient and smart way (figure 1).

kezo research centre with legenda

KEZO Research Centre is dedicated to the research and implementation of distributed energy technologies based on RES including energy-plus residential buildings, facilities, and housing estates. It also has a major role in Poland as an educational and training facility, and, following further expansion, the role of Technology Park, incubator, and exhibition area for all types of RES engineering. IMP-PAN developed the concept, coordinates its implementation, and will gradually be transitioning their RES research to the site.

These new laboratories are equipped with everything needed to study the management of integrated energy grids, including solar simulators, test rigs for PCM investigation, a mobile laboratory for environmental diagnostics, a wind tunnel, demonstration kits for microgeneration of thermal/electric energy, and devices, apparatus, and expanded BMS for the construction and testing of local smart grids to enable investigation of the synergistic effects of different combinations of hybrid energy systems. Having identified the correct strategic focus, right people, and right environment for SUPREME, IMP-PAN will twin with Aalborg University, University of Twente and eseia, whom together have the knowledge and expertise to reach excellence at IMP-PAN.


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