Reaching excellence in the field of distributed energy systems

The Consortium

SUPREME is a small-scale focused networking project with ambitious objectives directly addressing the key challenges of Twinning and widening European participation. The research-intensive Consortium consists of four partners from four different countries. IMP-PAN is one of POland’s most promising energy research centres, and the SuPREME partners are representing different facets of expertise to develop IMP PAN in a Centre of Excellence. All consortium members are dedicated to the maximization of knowledge and networking achieved within SUPREME, and the partners have a very high degree of complementarity and bring unique knowledge assets to the project for the benefit of IMP-PAN. The SuPREME consortium consists of the following partners:


IMP-PAN – the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

new_logo_impThe Institute was founded in 1956, and present research areas include distributed heat and power generation on the small scale based on renewable resources, (m)CHP technology, plus energy technologies for private buildings, photovoltaics, exploitation and thermal-hydraulic diagnostics of steam turbines, machine mechanics (computer analysis, vibrations, rotor dynamics, model-based diagnostics, expert systems), high-temperature gasification and gas/syngas cogeneration, rotor dynamic modelling, design and testing, fuel cells and hydrogen/biogas cogeneration, new materials, condition monitoring and smart structures, plasma and laser engineering and small hydro power plants. The Department of Distributed Energy will be coordinating the SUPREME project and acting as the main contact point for all project matter.

Location: Gdańsk, Poland


AAU – Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU) has been providing students with academic excellence, cultural engagement and personal development since its inception in 1974. It offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. AAU currently consolidates and further develops its profile as a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution oriented towards the surrounding world.

Through SuPREME, AAU will transfer the following expertise to IMP-PAN:

  • Advanced energy systems analysis;
  • Advanced electrical systems analysis and control methods;
  • Test bed facilities;
  • Energy systems scenario design and simulation;
  • Integration of building level and community level energy systems simulation and systems design;
  • Experimental set-up and the operation of integrated thermal and electrical energy sources.

Location: Aalborg, Denmark


UT – University of Twente

Twente BlackThe University of Twente (UT) is a young, entrepreneurial research university. The University of Twente will help the research staff from IMP PAN to broaden their strong RES technology profile into ICT supported system management and related domains in public governance, law, and the humanities. In addition to scientific support and exchange UT will help in building relevant networks with industry, methods for local valorisation (spin-offs, joint research) and global outreach.

During the project, UT will transfer knowledge in the fields of:

  • ICT control for Smart Grids;
  • Transition Management and Legal Issues;
  • Human-Technology Systems;
  • Evaluation of Energy Technologies;
  • Building Collaboration in Energy Research.

Location: Enschede, the Netherlands


eseia – the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance

eseia is a research and networking organisation deeseia-logodicated to structuring and integrating RES efforts across Europe. Not only is eseia able to source reseach expertise from across its international membership, eseia is also a knowledge transfer organisation with more than 150 RES experts linked through its working groups, and is dedicated to projects and activities in training, teaching, curriculum development, networking, and cooperation.

Within SuPREME, eseia will be:

  • Contributing logistical infrastructure for knowledge transfer across the project.
  • Connecting IMP-PAN with RES stakeholders and research organisations through training and networking events.
  • Organising staff exchanges, conferences, Summer Schools, training events, and other knowledge sharing activities.
  • Providing networking access to its entire membership base if unusual technical expertise or industrial input is needed.

Location: Graz, Austria


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