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External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is a partner-nominated group of external senior business, academic, trade and standards association, government, and umbrella organisation advisors who assist in reviewing the project’s development and progress as a whole, and wherever possible contribute to SuPREME’s success, integration, and continuation on an international scale. It will meet twice a year or as needed, and will have a strong role in ensuring integration of project results with other international curricular and educational initiatives.


Wladyslaw WlosinksiWładysław Włosiński, full Professor at the Warsaw University of Technology, foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is an initiator and member of Scientific Board of the Research Centre in Jabłonna.



Marcin SzpakMarcin Szpak, Head of Investment Centre in ENERGA SA (one of the four biggest energy suppliers and operators in Poland), has a long year experience in management in power generation companies and insight in energy industry problems.



teresaTeresa Ponce de Leao, Prof.Dr.; President of National Laboratory of Energy and Geology; Vice-president of the ExCo of EERA, member of Committee of Energy Research and technology from IEA, member of the Executive Committee of ERA- NET, INNER, member of the Council of APIRAC, member of the Founding Council of the Iberian Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, member of the Advisory Group for Energy among others.



Uros-SalobirUroš Salobir, M.Sc., ELES; General Coordinator for System Development, Advisor to CEO, he has been involved in various company projects ranging from real time control systems, market developments, ancillary services projects and asset risk management.  He is currently member of the Company General Management where he is responsible for Research and Innovation, System Development and Coordination of large projects.



Henrik LundHenrik Lund is professor at Aalborg University of Technology and editor-in chief of “Energy” journal. For more than 25 years, his area of expertise has been energy system analysis, energy planning and energy economics. He is listed among ISI Highly Cited researchers and he is the architect behind the advanced energy system analysis software EnergyPLAN.



Rik.W.deonckerRik W. De Doncker, professor at Aachen University of Technology, Director of E.ON Energy Research at RWTH Aachen, is an expert in electrical engineering, lecturer and researcher on highperformance induction motor drives and soft-switching converters. He gained a significant industry research experience as a General Electric Company (GEC) Fellow in the microelectronic centre, IMEC, Leuven, and the GEC Corporate Research and Development Centre, Schenectady, NY.



Guenter-GetzingerProf. Dr. Günter Getzinger, Head of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society, IFZ, an interdisciplinary research centre based in Graz, Austria, Supervisory Board Member Energy Styria and Energy Graz, Austria, teaching assignments in sustainable technology research and research policy, and philosophy of science at TU Darmstadt, ISI Karlsruhe and Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Chemical Engineering studies at TU Graz, Austria.


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