Reaching excellence in the field of distributed energy systems

Approach and implementation

The SUPREME project twins one of Poland’s most promising energy research centres, the Instytut Maszyn Przeplywowych Im Roberta Szewalskiego Polskiej Akademii Nauk (IMP-PAN) with needed expertise in Denmark (Aalborg University – AAU), the Netherlands (University Twente – UT), and Austria (European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance – eseia). Mobility is the main mechanism for knowledge transfer in SUPREME. The needed knowledge is transferred through a combination of short and long term staff exchanges, Summer Schools, technical site visits and other training events. Research collaboration between project partners will be strengthened through joint publications and research project preparation, and will create a long-lasting and effective partnership that will have a very significant impact on Poland’s energy systems infrastructure.

Twinning partners

Work Packages (WP) have been formulated as followed:

WP1 Energy systems in macroscale (regional level) allows IMP-PAN to gain expertise in the fields of energy scenario design and simulation on the macro level. Attending trainings and workshops offered by AAU, IMP-PAN will strengthen research collaborations between the two institutions and will result in joint publications and research project proposals.

WP2 Energy systems in micro-scale (building and district level) allows the research team from IMP-PAN to strongly collaborate with UT, helping to broaden their strong RES technology profile into ICT supported systems management (demand side management, micro-grids, building and climate control, power quality, and electrical energy storage ) and related domains in public governance, law, and the humanities. In addition to scientific support and exchange UT will help in building relevant networks with industry, methods for local valorisation (spin-offs, joint research) and global outreach.

WP3 Knowledge implementation is dedicated to implementing the knowledge gained in WP1 and WP2 within IMP-PAN research teams and external stakeholders. The role and the image of IMP-PAN as the leading institution in Poland in area of RES and smart energy systems will be strengthened by increased participation in European projects (Horizon 2020, INTERERG, etc.) and other activities.

WP4 Dissemination and exploitation regards these as core activities within the SUPREME project to guarantee replicability and the related benefit of stimulating scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the area of distributed energy systems planning, modelling and management. At the beginning of the project, a dissemination and exploitation plan will be designed by the WP4 leader (eseia) and its implementation will be monitored and evaluated throughout the course of the project.

WP5 Project management includes all management activities, internal rules, and quality procedures, which will be customised further during the first months of the project in order to ensure the smooth and efficient workflow of the planned project tasks, to monitor the progress within the different work packages, to control the compliance with the original work plan and to provide a plan for adequate measures in case of unforeseen deviations.

project managment chartFigure 1. Project PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) Chart


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